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Moving away from violence, greed and selfishness


To repair our damaged world and build a better one, all initiatives are welcome as long as they produce massive impacts.


Since September 2015, the UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are our strategic action plan and roadmap.


Above all, we must demonstrate to the young people of the world that the present and future of humanity and the Earth are in their hands, and that not all adults are deaf to their concerns and respond to them with blah-blah-blah.


17 SDGs, 17 major local and global challenges


Against denial and flight from the harsh reality of the facts, let's learn from Adam McKay's Don't Look Up : Cosmic Denial(Netflix)!


Let's concentrate our efforts to combat the natural disasters that are predicted and avoid their disastrous procession of local and world wars!


There are only 7 useful years left in the decade of action: let's fight with strength and courage against global warming, against the destruction of biodiversity, for social justice and prosperity for all!


Join us and take action together!


Actors of change and peacemakers,

Decision-makers and contributors involved in the field,

Future SDG Champions, SDG Leaders, SDG Governors, SDG Governors General,


The time to act is now!

Let's change, let's hope and, above all, let's act!

Let's stop procrastinating on priorities that give meaning to human life!


Let's solve problems and challenges together!

Let's produce measurable results and massive impacts together!

Together, let's grow and act for the good of humanity, future generations and the Earth!


Together, let's get real results, for real people, in real life!

About Us: Who we are
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