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The "Become SDG Leaders" program


The "Become SDG Leaders" program prepares managers of teams of 30 to 100 people to transform businesses and organizations.

SDG Leaders are charged with making courageous decisions and leading bold actions, specifically:

- Aligning the activities of companies, private or public, with the 17 SDGs, against global warming and the massive destruction of biodiversity.
- Revise processes and business models, without degrading productivity or profitability.
- Transform the organization and culture in 2 to 5 years.


Download brochure : French version / English version



An ambitious target of 3 per 1,000


Train 3 per 1000 of the population as SDG LEADERS, i.e. :

  • 200,000 French people

  • 2 million Europeans

  • 20 million citizens of the world.


By respecting the truth of each person and keeping in mind that there are 997 other possibilities to go through life.


The "Leading Crews" program


This 12-day programme, spread over 6 months, prepares SDG Leaders for future responsibilities as SDG Leaders in charge of large projects or initiatives.

They and their crews will solve local problems and address critical challenges with concrete results and massive impacts.


Download brochure : French version / English version



The "Leading Regions" program


This 12-day programme over 6 months prepares SDG Leaders for future responsibilities as SDG Governors overseeing large projects or initiatives in their respective regions.

The "Hydro-diplomacy and Agenda 2030" program

This 12-hour program aims to train water stakeholders in the geopolitics of sustainable development and human security and to enable them to participate in a virtual negotiation followed by an evaluation of the solutions chosen in light of the 17 SDGs (with the Water4allSDGS application).

A totally innovative training program on a global scale.

Downloadable presentation: French version / English version (coming soon)

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