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Why become a member of SDG CHAMPIONS France?



  • To promote projects led by French actors that contribute concretely to the achievement of the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs;

  • To promote sustainable development and a systemic approach to the challenges to be met by combining the economy, the social and the ecological;

  • To become an SDG CHAMPION, an ambassador for sustainable development and universal responsibility to work for the common good of humanity, the Earth and future generations;

  • To contribute to the development of applications to assess the positive or negative impacts of projects or policies in relation to the 169 targets of the Agenda 2030 for major areas of activity around the world. 

  • To meet and get to know the various French public and private players in the field of sustainable development and to be part of a collective with a strong diversity;

  • To belong to the international SDG CHAMPIONS network, which shares common values and commitments;

  • To give voice to your commitments and expertise, in particular in specific working groups.

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