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Non-profit association under the French law of 1901

List of founding members after the constitutive general assembly


  • Philippe Guettier, President, 17 SDGs including SDG 6 Water, co-designer of the French Water Partnership, expert and international actor of the 2030 Agenda

  • Muriel Touaty, Vice President, SDG 4 Education, Education and Innovation Associate, Onepoint

  • Olivier Lajous, Vice President, ODD 16 Peace and Justice, Vice Admiral 2S

  • Marc Roquette, Vice President, former CEO of Roquette

  • Hélène Pichon, Director of the Alliance Française de La Haye, coordinator of the network of Alliances Françaises in the Netherlands and General Delegate of Cercle Polder

  • Charlotte Wambergue, Treasurer, SDG 1 Eradicate Poverty, Program Manager, Break Poverty Foundation

  • Isabelle Censi, ODD 14 Oceans, President of Samudra Conseil-

  • Dominique Garreau, President of Exelixi Développement

  • Pierre-Samuel Guedj, President of Affectio Mutandi

  • Thibault Guettier, 4th year student at Ecole Polytechnique X17 and at Oxford University, specializing in statistics and computer science

  • Mathilde Hangard, Project Manager, Mayotte Health Agency

  • Yvon Martinet, partner at DS Avocats

  • Khoa Nguyen, President of Better We Better World Paris

  • Marie-Emmanuelle Py, founder of the All Leaders Initiative, an HR organization based on the Intentional Leadership model

  • Patricia Savin, partner at DS Avocats, president of the Orée association

  • Sofia Stril-Rever, founder of the Better We Better World initiative, creator of the Be the Love Medit-Action

Legal entities

  • Affectio Mutandi, corporate and CSR consulting agency

  • Better We Better World Paris, association law 1901

  • La Fabrique du Futur, association under the law of 1901, foresight and innovation

  • Innovation Citoyenne et Développement Durable, association under the law of 1901


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