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Its threefold mission is to facilitate the implementation of policies and projects assessed as contributing to the Agenda 2030, to train as many people as possible and to mobilize action on this Agenda.

1. Facilitate, including through financing, the implementation of projects, policies or strategies in territories operationally assessed as contributing to the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs:


  • Strong expertise on What does it mean to contribute to achieving the Agenda 2030?

  • Numerous experiences in monitoring projects, policies or strategies that contribute to it

  • Development of free online applications, in several languages and requiring no knowledge of the Agenda 2030, to assess the positive or negative impacts of projects, policies or strategies with regard to its 169 targets:

              + Partner of the French Water Partnership for the development and promotion of the application

              + Development of the Education4allSDGs application with UNESCO

              + Development of other applications for household waste, mobility, construction...


2. Train 3 per 1000 of the population in the Agenda 2030, with a strong focus on young people, to raise awareness and senses, train in universal responsibility and encourage people to take action to achieve the Agenda 2030:


  • Targets: leaders of large public or private organizations, companies, local authorities, journalists and media, professions linked to 4allSDGs applications, colleges and universities.

  • SDG CHAMPIONS France training

  • Joint training with other organizations


3. Communicate and mobilize on the Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs:


  • Participate in UN bodies in charge of the Agenda 2030 and its future

  • Joint action with French, European and foreign organizations

  • Participate in the French Agenda 2030 Committee

4 workgroups are working to shed light on the missions of SDG Champions France:

  • Training/education 

  • 4allSDGs applications  

  • Project financing

  • Communication/promotion

  • SDG Champions France members are invited to attend.


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